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Welcome to Cirrus Bay. Cirrus Bay music is available at iTunes, CD Baby, Syn-phonic, Kinesis, Lasers Edge, Amazon, CD Universe, Just For Kicks, etc... Feel free to listen on our music page :)

Currently available are:

The Slipping of a Day (2008) - Our patchwork debut. A lot of early tracks, and things recorded inexpensively. Highlights include 'Slipping', 'Beyond The Blue Horizon', 'Through Stone Walls' and 'Timesteps'.

A Step Into Elsewhere (2009) - Our first 'real cd'. Includes 'Zenobia', 'Serenity in a Nutshell' and 'The Exposure of Truth'.

Whimsical Weather (2012) - Includes 'Circles and Seasons', 'Across The Cobblestones' and 'Gathering Clouds'.

The Search For Joy (2014) - Includes guest appearances from Amy Darby and Phil Mercy of Thieves' Kitchen.