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'A Step Into Elsewhere' lyrics - December 7, 2014

-SERENITY IN A NUTSHELL- (words Sharra Acle, music Bill Gillham)

If this world were any brighter, I'd have to close my eyes
The pure emotion of tranquility absorbs the power that we possess,
And spits it all around
But the thought was just a dream, a dream of better times

I don't like how I feel about you, or rather how you feel about me
There's music playing inside my head, see if you can understand it
I feel myself float away into a flood of carved water

I feel myself floating inside this tube
Breathing heavily, and way off beat
And altogether trying not to be in love
After all, I am suffocating, but is it the love I'm suffocating from,
Or the lack of air and strength in this tunnel?
We're after all just dust and water
From dust you were formed, to dust you'll return

- OUT OF THE COLD - (words and music Bill Gillham)

I was not there at the start, I won't be there in the end
Some know me as the last enemy, some mistake me as friend
Out of the cold, some go where I cannot, a little flock
Oh so many days vanish into haze, words just can't explain hidden pain
So you step right out of the painting, to the world you're contemplating
All that's left are shadows where you once were

I'm the wages due for sin, breaking down the cells within
'Til the day I will be cast away, then the real life begins

- THE EXPOSURE OF TRUTH - (words Sharra Acle, music Bill Gillham)

These new chords and melodies harmoniously played in such a way
That I feel blissfully sentimental, as I look through some old photos
I don't quite know the artist, but in my own way I know what he means
And if I were one of them, I'd make it to be played over and over again
Left on repeat, they'd know it was me
And no matter how you really feel, you feel great

I'd like to spend my waking hours orchestrating and synthesizing my magnum opus
I'd like to cause mist and smiles and feign my way out of this system
Give the crowd a ticket out of this box
No one else has, I'd like the chance
Tell them the truth, without the sadness and ego so common in lies

Hatred for it is welcomed, we love your hatred, love your love
Maybe we should write this together, tell them who don't care how we feel
How we feel for them and their machine, cause a riot, set their house aflame
We know dad is watching us, and trying not to smile
Saying, 'vengeance is mine', but we couldn't wait any longer

It's about the need we have to be satisfied and free
So let us out and we'll stop writing shallow songs
Music and freedom have been disconnected
Hence the disillusionment of illusion, therefore the disconnection
Make us all work long and hard for truth rather than illusion
I'm so tired of this, yet I wan't to be a part of it

-WALKING IN SHADOWS- (words and music Bill Gillham)

Stepping through curtains, a world disappears
Walking in shadows through seasons of fear
Beckoned right out of the night
Dark world, a sharp knife from which you once bled
Glitter surrounds us, distracts those soon dead
Focus and walk to the light

-ZENOBIA- (words and music Bill Gillham)

He sensed the hush, silently, as she stepped out for all to see
Loved to learn, spoke many tongues, of her wisdom many songs were sung
This warrior queen with blinding pride like arrows sped across the stones of time
Persia down, and Rome seemed weak, she was hailed, 'Mistress of the East'
None as beautiful as her, her will none dared deter
He would remember catching her distant eyes, kind and wise

From Palmyra, this dark flame sped into Egypt, its new queen became
Minted coins in her name, quickly rose heavenward to fame
But of those seeing her rise forth, Aurelius, King of the North
He set against her to strike ambitious eyes, dark and wise

Meanwhile far away, by the crystal bay
People took their ease, doing as they please
Did you hear that sound? The rumble of the ground?
Something not quite right. Will we have to fight?

Forces clashing, crashing around the city, made him feel so strange
Daylight has dawned and broken on the horizon
The origin of rainbows allows another change

Though Palmyra she'd valiantly defend, she was taken then
As the curtains close on this time and place
This world we'd not see again

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