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cirrus bay: News

The Art of Vanishing released - August 31, 2019

Officially released August 28.

Some Vendors/Distributors carrying it:

France - Cosmos Music
France - George's Shop
Japan - Marquee Inc.
United States - Lasers Edge
United States - Synphonic
United States - CD Baby
United States - Amazon

CD release - August 12, 2019

Physical copies of 'The Art of Vanishing', with 2 bonus tracks not available with the bandcamp download, will be out of production August 23, at which point will be mailed to vendors. Lee Gaskins and Limelight Studios have done a wonderful job with the artwork and packaging!

Bandcamp - June 30, 2019

The Art of Vanishing is available to listen to at It is available for downloads too, but physical cds with a beautiful booklet will be available later this summer.

The Art of Vanishing - May 22, 2019

The new cd, 'The Art of Vanishing' is nearly done. Mixing is planned next month. Tracks are as follows:

A Blossom of Hills
Undiscovered Isle
A Garment of Clouds
The North Country
Sooke Harbour

Unexpected Wonder
Lost and Profound
The Dictator
The Vanishing Place

CD only Bonus tracks:

Falling Leaves
Medley for Solo Piano (demo)
a. the poetic sea
b. solitude
c. cascadence

Tai Shan: Vocals
Sharra Acle: backing vocals
Mark Blasco: drums, bass guitar, sax, backing vocals
Bill Gillham: keyboards, guitars, banjitar, recorder, vocals in 'Falling Leaves'

Total time roughly 70 minutes

New Music - February 26, 2019

Some of the song titles we're working on for our upcoming album: A Blossom Of Hills, Sooke Harbour, Unexpected Wonder, The Dictator, The North Country, The Vanishing Place, and quite a few others.

2019 news - January 10, 2019

On January 18, recording commences for new Cirrus Bay music. The plan is to have music available in some form later in the year.

May 30, 2017

With all the life changes of the past year, my musical focus has been mostly the piano, thanks to the encouragement of a friend, and supposedly I have a 40-minute private solo piano performance slated this summer. But lately I've picked up the guitar and have written 3 new songs over the past couple months that I can hear begging, like children, to be recorded, giving no thought to the practicalities, namely monetary, emotional, and time expense. We shall see. Between these, all the piano music, and some full scale instrumental music, we shall see...

Future projects - March 17, 2017

Well Sharra says I should do a solo piano album, just as a solo bill gillham album. While it's true I have a lot of solo piano music written that I enjoy playing at home and for friends, I think I would like to do an album that included both solo piano music and full scale instrumental music.

Thieves' Kitchen - October 2, 2015

My friends 'Thieves' Kitchen', of whom Phil and Amy guested on our last album (the summery one), have just released 'The Clockwork Universe', their 6th and finest album. This album is absolutely phenomenal. I dare you to buy it, crank it up where you can really listen to it, and not say 'wow!!' a bunch of times.

Through The Cave - June 14, 2011

Not music related, but Bill's book 'Through The Cave' has been submitted for publishing and will be available over the next couple weeks. It is listed as sci-fi, but its really a mix of many genres - some action, adventure, young adult, fantasy, romance, mystery and sci-fi all rolled into one novel. Some musical references are cited as some of the different characters have different musical tastes.

July 21-Through The Cave is now available through Amazon Kindle and a few e-book sites. Barnes & Noble coming evidently. It is under the name 'Wilbert Gillham' as there is already an author named Bill Gillham, who writes childrens and/or religious books.

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