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Through The Cave - June 14, 2011

Not music related, but Bill's book 'Through The Cave' has been submitted for publishing and will be available over the next couple weeks. It is listed as sci-fi, but its really a mix of many genres - some action, adventure, young adult, fantasy, romance, mystery and sci-fi all rolled into one novel. Some musical references are cited as some of the different characters have different musical tastes.

July 21-Through The Cave is now available through Amazon Kindle and a few e-book sites. Barnes & Noble coming evidently. It is under the name 'Wilbert Gillham' as there is already an author named Bill Gillham, who writes childrens and/or religious books.

Mark Blasco is a father - August 6, 2010

Jack Blasco was born May 18. Our love and congratulations to Mark and Jessica. For more on Mark's plethora of activities go to

A Step Into Elsewhere is done - June 18, 2009

Our 2nd cd, A Step Into Elsewhere, is now done. Copies are being mailed to our favorite distributors, synphonic, kinesis and cdbaby. Distribution to amazon, cduniverse and iTunes will be in a few weeks. This is the cd we've always wanted to do. There is a review of it already on the press page from Kinesis, and the cds are now available there.

cds in production - June 5, 2009

'A Step Into Elsewhere' is in production and should be done around June 13. Then copies will be shipped to the same fine folks that carried the first cd, but there will be a delay before getting to places like amazon and cd universe. Musically, it is a significant step forward from our debut. Feel free to listen to samples at

new album news - March 23, 2009

almost all the instruments are now recorded, and the vocals are scheduled for March 29th. Mixing should take place in April. Will keep you posted! Bill

new album news - February 6, 2009

work is well under way for the new album, which is titled 'A Step Into Elsewhere'. The cover is chosen, another fine Michael Brighenti painting, and the song order and approximate times are as follows:

1. Serenity In A Nutshell (13:15)
2. Out Of The Cold (5:45)
3. The Exposure Of Truth (9:20)
4. Walking In Shadows (5:55)
5. The Secret Country (3:34)
6. Zenobia (16:20)

Most of the drums, bass, guitars and keyboards are recorded. We are hoping the cd will be complete in April and available in May.

new album - December 4, 2008

On December 13, Bill and Mark will lay initial tracks for new album, which will be more complex, more 'progressive' than the first.

lyrics not on lyric sheet - October 16, 2008

Here are the three songs that due to space, and the fact that 2 of these were bonus tracks, were left off the lyric sheet. ...

I Can Only Wonder -

Although the sun was shining, gray was the color I was seeing-world of adventure for the taking, then called to me, outside my door - And as we walked together, all of the birds would sing so sweetly-And then the morning sun would shine much brighter, calling to me, outside my door. - I can only wonder where I'd be, here without your love to set me free. - Who really knows what love is, so many things are so subjective-until our lives become just like a river, that flows uphill, into the wind. - I can only wonder where I'd be, here without your love to set me free


Don't think of it as a problem - (lyrics by Sharra Acle) I sat back for a while, watched the evening sky slide into place, over you over your little dark empty worlds, I jumped into place, and filled the missing element, the vulnerability was so apparent... I watched, I used it, I really did, I learned something vitally unimportant, and woke back up to learn it all over again .... what we think we need and what we think we want, we only think we need and want 'cause we know we dont have it ... the moment had arrived, and I was quite unready, I brushed by hair and put on my shoes, I would have killed for this so long ago, its a protection to visualize the impossible ... it's a subtle protection to keep you clearly in the possible, once the impossible becomes possible, life makes a twist and chokes you to death...
Timesteps -
We stand today, on the steps that lead away, far far away they lead into a misty haze, though you look behind there's only one way to go, cannot go back ... at dawn we awake, do we wish it was midday? Late in the day, do we miss those morning rays? Youth, like the spring it fades away, and a season never stays, nor days as you cross each step beneath the sun, reaching out toward the final one .... The artist stands, carving lines upon our faces. Time is her name, and we wish our lives away....

progression magazine review - October 10, 2008

We have been notified by the fine folks at Progression magazine that 'The Slipping Of A Day' will be reviewed in the November issue of Progression. What they will think of it remains to be seen...

another brand new song - August 21, 2008

the dubious hills and the secret country are two brand new songs (named after Pamela Dean's amazing books - The Secret Country trilogy is her finest) that are available to listen to on the myspace page

brand new track - August 14, 2008

On Tuesday, August 12, I began composing a new song which I finished today, the 14th, and can be listened to on the myspace page. it is called 'the secret country', after Pamela Dean's amazing trilogy

cds available through... - June 25, 2008

syn-phonic (greg walker)
and many others...

soundclips - June 10, 2008

soundclips are available on the music page. On my computer, the hi-fi broadband only yielded 28 second clips, while the lo-fi modem clips were 2 random minutes or a little more of several songs. Some full songs can be heard at
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