Welcome to the musical world of Cirrus Bay and Echoing Trees, a place created for the purpose of taking the edge off, where one can kick back and hopefully lose themself on a stress-free emotional shoreline, where words like 'beauty', 'hope' and 'love' still have a semblance of meaning. Life has more stress and hardship than we need or want, so our music page has lots of samplings to hopefully take you, albeit momentarily, to a better place. Cirrus Bay music is available at iTunes, CD Baby, Syn-phonic, Kinesis, Lasers Edge, Amazon, CD Universe, Just For Kicks, etc... Currently available are: The Slipping of a Day (2008) - Our patchwork debut. A lot of early tracks, and things recorded inexpensively. Highlights include 'Slipping', 'Beyond The Blue Horizon', 'Through Stone Walls' and 'Timesteps'. A Step Into Elsewhere (2009) - Our first 'real cd'. Includes 'Serenity in a Nutshell' and 'The Exposure of Truth'. Whimsical Weather (2012) - Includes 'Circles and Seasons', 'Wanderlust' and 'Gathering Clouds'. The Search For Joy (2014) - Includes 'Learning To Fly', as well as guest appearances from Amy Darby and Phil Mercy of Thieves' Kitchen. Also features Sarah Sanderson on viola. Places Unseen (2016) - Kinesis calls it our 'latest and greatest'. Hopefully you will agree. Features new vocalist Tai Shan, and the wonderful artwork of Lee Gaskins. Also features Brendan Buss on flute and sax. The Art of Vanishing (2019) - Includes 'A Blossom of Hills', 'Unexpected Wonder' and 'The Vanishing Place'. Recording for Echoing Trees will take place as soon as COVID regulations allow. Right now, we're waiting as we want to bring our new music to you and make it available for online purchase for those who would like. Echoing Trees, our new band, named by Sarah, is Bill Gillham on guitars, keyboards and vocals, Sarah Truman-Gillham on bass and vocals, and hopefully Mark Blasco on drums and vocals, and carries us into a bit of a more guitar-centric direction. Hopefully you will like the new sound!