Recent musical ventures 

1. We've been playing with a band called 'The Lazy River Band', which includes: Barry Elmore-Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Clarinet, Sax & Vocals, Bill Gillham-Electric Guitar & Vocals, Melissa Marshall-Keyboards, Bass & Vocals, Dale Truman-Drums, Percussion & Vocals, Sarah Truman-Gillham-Bass & Vocals. All 5 write music for this project, which is all over the place musically, depending on the whim of whoever writes the particular song, including rock, folk, blues, progressive and psychedelic.

2. Bill and…

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Some of the various bands/artists we're listening to... 

(Alphabetically) Advent, Tony Banks, Big Big Train, Kate Bush, Camel, Covet, The Explorers' Club, Far Caspian, Floral, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Khruangbin, King, Marcus King Band, Mario Millo, Monobody, The Most, Sean O'Hagen, Anthony Phillips, Signals (UK), Sloth & Turtle, Stereolab, Summer Salt, Swing Out Sister, Tennis, Thieves' Kitchen, The Watch

New YouTube videos 

New YouTube videos have been uploaded, of Sarah and I performing (in our living room for our dog and iPhone) 'Crushing Darkness with a Sunflower' and 'A Rainbow for the Colorblind', both instrumentals. Also 2 piano solos, 'The Poetic Sea', and 'Plight of a Princess', which I wrote recently for Sarah. Keep in mind these are all iPhone recordings!

Echoing Trees 

Sarah and I have been working on a bunch of new music, a more guitar driven new sound, blending indie, progressive, blues, psychedelic, and whatever we feel at the time. We hope to record later this year, under the band name 'Echoing Trees'. Song titles and composition credits include:

Crushing Darkness With a Sunflower (Bill & Sarah)

The Plan (Bill)

The Gift  (Sarah & Bill)

Exploding Narcissists Delight the Dreamers (Bill)

Harboring Shores (Bill)

Our Feet In The Sand (Sarah & Bill)

Through The Meadowland…

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The Art of Vanishing released 

Officially released August 28. Some Vendors/Distributors carrying it: France - Cosmos Music France - George's Shop Japan - Marquee Inc. United States - Lasers Edge United States - Synphonic United States - CD Baby United States - Amazon


The Art of Vanishing is available to listen to at It is available for downloads too, but physical cds with a beautiful booklet will be available later this summer.

Thieves' Kitchen 

My friends 'Thieves' Kitchen', of whom Phil and Amy guested on our last album (the summery one), have just released 'The Clockwork Universe', their 6th and finest album. This album is absolutely phenomenal. I dare you to buy it, crank it up where you can really listen to it, and not say 'wow!!' a bunch of times.

Through The Cave 

Not music related, but Bill's book 'Through The Cave' has been submitted for publishing and will be available over the next couple weeks. It is listed as sci-fi, but its really a mix of many genres - some action, adventure, young adult, fantasy, romance, mystery and sci-fi all rolled into one novel. Some musical references are cited as some of the different characters have different musical tastes July 21-Through The Cave is now available through Amazon Kindle and a few e-book sites. Barnes & Noble…

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