Recent musical ventures

1. We've been playing with a band called 'The Lazy River Band', which includes: Barry Elmore-Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Clarinet, Sax & Vocals, Bill Gillham-Electric Guitar & Vocals, Melissa Marshall-Keyboards, Bass & Vocals, Dale Truman-Drums, Percussion & Vocals, Sarah Truman-Gillham-Bass & Vocals. All 5 write music for this project, which is all over the place musically, depending on the whim of whoever writes the particular song, including rock, folk, blues, progressive and psychedelic.

2. Bill and Sarah's 'Echoing Trees' cd was put on hold due to covid, but there is more than one album's worth of material, so as soon as we can we will start on recording, though due to cost it may be a digital only release. To be continued...

3. Bill also has a solo album project of instrumental music to hopefully record, featuring mostly piano/keyboard based music, more symphonic in nature.

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