melodic progressive rock in the vein of early Genesis, Anthony Phillips or Camel. Beautiful melodies. lots of surprising chord changes, and songs that sound better with repeated listens.” - bryan

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The second Cirrus Bay cd, 'A Step Into Elsewhere' (2009, 55 minutes) is the cd they really wanted to make, a significant improvement over Slipping ... and a cohesive musical statement. it's female vocals only on this one, from two singers, and the easiest way to describe the album is a blend of Genesis circa Wind & Wuthering and Renaissance. Renaissance because the vocals are in an Annie Haslam style and there is that breezy folkiness blended with classical piano. Genesis because Gillham gets what Tony Banks does. It isn't about how fast one can play scales, its about the chord progressions. There is plenty of electric and acoustic guitar in addition to keyboards so it sounds closer to a Genesis than Tony Banks album and there are influences of other progressive artists as well. Instrumentally the appeal of this album is similar to the Willowglass albums, on top of which you get the beautiful vocals. Well done!”


there are several wonderful reviews of 'A Step Into Elsewhere' at the Prog Archives website. From the 'links' page you can click 'Prog Archives' to see them” - various

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this is maybe the best review of all. Follow the prognaut link to see...”


Whimsical Weather (2012, 62-minutes) picks up where A Step Into Elsewhere left off and further develops the Cirrus Bay style, essentially a combination of the breezy Renaissance style with beautiful female vocals and instrumental Genesis/Hackett style symphonic/pastoral prog. It’s a beautiful album with it’s soul in the early-to-mid 1970s, standing in stark contrast to the “sound and fury signifying nothing” of much modern music” - kinesis

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Third album from this US based symphonic rock project led by guitarist/keyboardist Bill Gillham. The music of Cirrus Bay owes a significant debt to Wind And Wuthering era Genesis as well as some of the melancholy work of White Willow. Two female lead vocalists drive the later reference home. Quite lush sounding and frankly tranquil and serene but there are undercurrents of smoldering fire from Gillham's guitar. The Mellotron sounds work wonderfully here. Beautiful stuff. Highly recommended” - lasers edge

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